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Cameroon: 2019 Probatoire General results witness decrease in percentage pass

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Results of the 2019 Probatoire General were published yesterday by the Office du Baccalaureat du Cameroun Obc indicating an 11% decrease in percentage pass compared to last year.

According to statistics from the Office du Baccalaureat, 161,267 candidates Nation-wide sat for the exam but only 70, 678 passed giving a percentage pass rate of 43.82%, down from the 54% recorded in 2018.

The overall statistics indicate that all the regions have recorded a decrease in their percentage pass rate compared to what was recorded in 2018.

The North West region for example tops the chart board with 54.45%, down by 7% compared to last year meanwhile the Far North comes last with a percentage pass of 33.27% still down by some 7% compared to last year.

According to some, the North West region topping the chart result could be accounted for by the socio-political climate reigning in that area which has late to gross decrease in enrolment due to absence of candidates.

Published on 03.01.2023

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