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Cameroon – 20th May: Civilian Parade To Last 45 Minutes.

20th may
Civilian parade

According to official sources, this is the time indicated for the  civilian parade which will take place at the 20th May Boulevard in Yaounde.

Like a football match, the parade of the 2022 edition of the national day will take 90 minutes. 45 minutes devoted to the civilian and 45 other minutes reserved for the troops, an unusual timing for this days’s celebration. The only difference is that here, there will be no half-time or extra time. All  reception has been cancelled, as Covid-19 still remains a reality in the country .

Indeed, after two years of absence due to the coronavirus pandemic, the civilian and military parade is back on the fields. But, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the advent of the unitary state in Cameroon, the parade has a special configuration. As for the civilian parade, it will take place in a reduced format.

The number of squares will be 50, with 49 people in each square (7×7). As for the modules, they will be made up as follows 14 schools at the primary level; 14 schools at the secondary level; two teacher training colleges for general education, three vocational training structures in Yaounde.

The civil parade will also see the passage of four out-of-school structures, 11 institutions of higher education divided into four blocks. Primary and secondary school students will perform patriotic chats prepared for the occasion, explains the Director of Civic Education and National Integration at the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, Maha Hadja épse Ibrahim. This was in an interview with the national bilingual daily Cameroon tribune.

The same source said that of the 45 minutes allocated to the civil parade, all schools, colleges and extra-curricular institutions are entitled to 30 minutes. The other 15 minutes are reserved for the political parties represented in Parliament. And to keep up with this time challenge, rehearsals are still going on. After the modular rehearsal on Wednesday 11 May, the rehearsal for schools and colleges will take place on Monday 16 May, before the dress rehearsal on the Boulevard du 20 mai.

The theme of this 50th edition of the National Day of Cameroon is “Defence and Security Forces, at the service of the people for the preservation of social peace and national cohesion, a guarantee for the emergence of Cameroon”.

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