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Cameroon : 221 Boko Haram fighters surrender arms

Former Boko Haram fighters

The former members of the terrorist group decided to abondon the war front and surrender to national autorities inorder to gain a social reinsertion.

A frequent event in Kolofota, Mayo-Sava division in the Far North region of the country . A good number of former soldiers of the Islamic group Boko Haram abandoning the war front and surrendered themselves to local authorities.

According to  the specialised gazette of the region, L’œil du Sahel, in three days, a total number  of 221 members of Boka Haram submitted to local authorities of Kolofota.

One day does not close itself without us recording at least 20 of our brothers and sisters who have deserted Boka Haram camps. We have registered an astonishing record this week (14-20th March 2022) for instance more than 100 people abdicating,” explains Lamine Djaouro Talba, head of Kolofota.

He further explains how their reception unfolds itself. “They  announced their arrival to the watchdog committee . It is the opportunity for the committee to find out the reason for their return , thereafter the latter are sent to the BIR camp.
They have to follow all these steps before reaching the Meri camp for their social reinsertion”.

Lamine Djaouro explains that one of the main reasons why these former members of Boko Haram are coming back is because of the unbearable life in their camps “each time we seek to understand the reason why they left Boko Haram, they will always talk about how hard it was; they don’t have what to eat, can not move easily and are always monitored.”

A situation which can only cause their departure.

Published on 03.01.2023

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