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Cameroon: 24-yr-old arrested over murder of Ngoro Council scribe

Late Francois Ehongo Papi (c) copyright

A 24-year-old man accused of having murdered the Secretary General of the Ngoro Council in the Mbam and Kim Division, Centre region of Cameroon, late Francois Ehongo Papi is currently under police custody.

The young man was presented to the public by officials of the Gendarmerie Company of Yaounde II Monday November 30.

He is suspected to have killed the Secretary General of the Ngoro Council last November 15 at his residence and made away with his phones and wallet.

According to the Commander of the Gendarmerie Company of Yaounde II, he was arrested following an investigation opened in the murder case.

After three raids by elements of the National Gendarmerie, the suspect was arrested and the weapon allegedly used to kill the Ngoro Council scribe found in one of his bags.

Three days before his arrest, he is said to have assaulted a lady in the Etou-Ebe neighbourhood in Yaounde.

According to police, he was under the influence of drugs.

“When we searched the room of one of his victims, we saw a bag full of drugs…” The Commander said.

He added that after the suspect’s arrest, a fourth raid enabled his elements to arrest three other suspects at the Avenue Kennedy neighbourhood in Yaounde.



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