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Cameroon: 4 suspected drug traffickers under police custody in Douala

Five hundred and forty-one kilogrammes of marijuana have been seized by the Littoral region Gendarmerie Legion and four presumed drug traffickers arrested and presented to the press in Douala Wednesday June 24.

Four individuals aged between 20 to 40 and suspected of dealing in drugs are currently under custody at the Littoral region gendarmerie legion.

According to reports, on May 11, two of them ignorantly sealed a deal with undercover gendarmerie agents in Douala for the supply of marijuana.

A few moment before delivery as the two dealers were still preparing the package, an intervention unit reportedly surprised them in action and seized 29bags of marijuana.

Informed about the arrest of two of theirs, gendarmes say the two other traffickers showed up with a FCFA 1 million bribe to secure the release of those arrested, plus the seized stock of marijuana.

They were all placed under police custody and presented to the press Wednesday June 24, alongside the bags of marijuana.

Speaking to the press, gendarmes said after questioning, the suspects confessed they get supplies from the North West region of the country.

Reports say two other operations by the Littoral Gendarmerie Legion this month had also led to the seizure of 32 kilogrammes of marijuana in the economic capital, bringing the total amount of seized marijuana to 581.28 kilogrammes

Published on 05.05.2023

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