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Cameroon: 560 million F claimed by Fecafoot Disbursed into coffers


The state subsidy of 560 million claimed by Samuel Eto’o has been disbursed to Fecafoot according to a note from the “Payeur Spécialisé” addressed to the Minister of Finance.

The Cameroonian Football Federation (Fecafoot) and the Ministry of Finance  have had a new battle. At the closing ceremony of the retraining seminar organised by Fecafoot for sports journalists on Monday, Samuel Eto’o had denounced the blocking of 560 million F of state subsidies to professional football clubs

A version of facts denied less than 48 hours later. A document in circulation addressed to the Minister of Finance, dated 28 June, a copy of which was obtained by Cameroon Newspaper, contradicts everything. In his note, “The Specialized Paymaster” William Sumpewoh says that the said subsidy (550 million) was “subject to successive payments to the Accounting Officer of Fecafoot between 18 and 27 April 2022. This document, which appears in the public arena the day after the release of Samuel Eto’o, was backdated?

In the opinion of the specialised paymaster, the disbursements would have been made by cash advance in several tranches according to the means made available to him. These are funds intended for professional football clubs. This was done on the instructions of the Director General of the Treasury and Financial and Monetary Cooperation of the Ministry of Finance (MINFI), who himself passed on instructions from the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic (SGPR) to Minsep.

Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the SGPR had thus requested, in a letter dated 22 March 2022, that Minsep disburse on behalf of the beneficiaries of these funds the sum of 560 million representing the participation of the State in the support of professional football in Cameroon since its establishment. He said the instruction was urgent.

Through his exit, the accounting officer of Fecafoot appointed by the Minfi, comes to wash the image of his minister Louis Paul Motaze stuck between the fight of the leaders of football in Cameroon. And who carried out his duty as soon as it was entrusted to him. While waiting to know where exactly the 560 million of the state allocated to the Fecafoot of Samuel Eto’o, a new front has opened with the Minfi?

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