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Cameroon: 6 killed, 3 military control posts set ablaze in F/N region

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Boko Haram insurgents are reported to have killed six persons and destroyed three military control posts in different attacks perpetrated in the Far North region of Cameroon in the past two days.

According to security sources, they stormed the locality of Ganse in Kolofata in the Mayo Sava Division in the night of Saturday January 18, 2020, killed six persons including Sababa Thomas, Yerima Ousmane and Ezechiel.

Meanwhile, some two persons identified as Tidjni Moddou and Djie Mataba werereportedly injured in the attack.

It is equally said that the rebels took away with them some foodstuffs as well as other material equipment.

In a second attack which reports say took place in the night of Friday January 17, 2020 breaking Saturday, Boko Haram insurgents are said to have set ablaze three military control posts in the locality of Hidoua-Touru in the same region.

Though the Boko Haram terrorist group which began its attacks in Cameroon in 2014 appears to have reduced its attacks as compared to the beginning years, reports say it is still very present in the Far North region of Cameroon.

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