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Cameroon: 600 teachers abandon schools for greener pastures abroad

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The Government of Cameroon has summoned 600 absentee secondary school teachers across the country, with over 300 from the crisis-hit North West and South West regions who have abandoned their duty posts in search of greener pastures abroad.


According to a release signed by the Minister of Secondary Education, Prof Pauline Nalova Lyonga dated Wednesday July 30, the 600 teachers have been declared absent and might be out of the country.

The release indicates the names, grades, matricule numbers, schools where the concerned were assigned to and countries where they could possibly be residing.

Out of the 600 teachers, the North West region of Cameroon which has been the scene of violent clashes between Government’s defense and security forces and non-State armed groups records the highest number escapee teachers, 264.

The Centre is second with 106, followed by the South West, another restive region which has seen some of its teachers kidnapped then released and some pupils killed in the course of the ongoing Anglophone crisis by suspected Ambazonia fighters- the case of pupils of the Mother Francisca College in Kumba on the 24th of October, 2020.

The East region records the least number of escapee teachers, 7.

They have been called upon to report to the Ministry of Secondary Education within seven days from Wednesday June 30.

As indicated on the release, if they fail to do so, disciplinary measures shall be taken against them.




Published on 10.02.2021

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