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Cameroon: 80 public contracts terminated over non-compliance with regulation

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The Minister Delegate in charge of Public Contracts, Ibrahim Talba Malla has terminated about eighty contracts signed between 2018 and 2019 over non-compliance with regulation.

The decision was made known early this week by Minister Ibrahim Talba Malla in compliance with articles 182 and 184 of the Presidential decree N°2018/366 of June 20, 2018 on the code of public contracts.

According to these articles, a contract could be terminated in case of the death of the contractor, bankruptcy, judicial liquidation, outsourcing, co-sourcing or sub-order without prior authorization of the Owner or the Owner Master Delegate.

Added to that, there is the non-compliance with legislation or regulation, main reason why most of the contracts that were terminated.

Among the eighty contracts including the construction of health centres, schools, electrification, water points, administrative buildings, fifty-three were supposed to be realized in the West region.

By the time the Minister decided to terminate these contracts, most of the works were realized at 0% and at 50% for those whose execution began in 2017.

According to the code on public contracts, these contractors shall not, except special dispensation granted exclusively by the Minister bid for a new public market before a period of two years from the date of notification of termination.

This is not the first time public contracts are terminated on the basis of the above mentioned reasons.

Last year, Minister Talba Malla terminated contracts signed with 334 enterprises.

Published on 28.04.2020

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