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Cameroon: 80-year old leader of gang of hostage takers arrested in North region

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An 80-year old man reported to have extorted millions of FCFA from inhabitants of Sakje, a locality he heads in the Mayo Rey Division, North region of Cameroon has been arrested by security forces in the region, sources have said.

According to sources, Dalgo Mangalkra was the alleged leader of a gang of six, specialised in carrying out kidnappings for ransoms.

Amongst his gang members was his son, 33-year old Samuel Dalgo, and two other guys from Nigeria and Tchad.

They were all arrested by elements of the 31st Infantry Motorised Brigade in the North region of Cameroon.

Reports say Dalgo Mangalkra and his gang kidnapped wealthy people and demanded huge sums of money for their release.

By so doing, it is believed they have extorted millions of FCFA from inhabitants of Sakje and those from neighbouring localities.



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