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Cameroon : Museum For Baka People

Baka pygmy
Pygmy Freedom museum

The edifice is a donation of the association dubbed Les Nouveaux commanditaires assisted by the Goethe institute. It aims at perpetuating the Baka’s cultural legacy.

A giant hut of 80meters square. Just all around, hunting tools, music and kitchen instruments of the pygmy people, Baka. This is a sketch of the newly constructed museum called Pygmy Freedom.

It was handed over last March 26, 2022. Situated at the entrance of the Dja biosphere reserve that is in the Haut-Nyong division of the East region, the museum stretches itself on a botanic path of 24km.

In the same environment, a podium was set on where artistic shows, likely local musics or stories can usually be performed. 

This edifice which is the outcome of joint efforts of the association termed Les Nouveaux commanditaires, the Goethe institute and La Fondation de France has the objective of showcasing the awesome heritage of the Baka community from Bifolane. The Goethe institute manager underscored during the inauguration ceremony that it is an encounter center, exchange and discoveries for both local and foreign visitors.

Moreover, the museum gives the opportunity of presenting symbolic objects. They will surely influence the perception many have of the pygmy community. These objects are mostly handicrafts and plants.

Published on 05.05.2023

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