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Cameroon: Abortion network dismantled in Yaounde

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The leader of a clandestine network specialized in illegal abortion alongside his assistant are currently gnashing their teeth at the Yaounde Court of First Instance after they fell into the dragnet of Gendarme officers of the Nlongkak Gendarmerie Brigade in Yaounde.


The gang of two which operated at the Etoa Meki neighbourhood was arrested last June 18 following the arrest of a group of youths for consuming drugs few weeks before.

Security forces noticed that one of the youths, a young girl aged 17 was not well because she was bleeding profusely.

After questioning, she admitted having committed abortion willfully. The 17-year-old gave information on the author of the abortion plus his contact to security forces.

Few days later, the suspect and his assistant were caught red-handed working on a 19-year-old young lady in an unhealthy room at Etoa Meki. On the site, gendarme officers seized medical kits and drugs of doubtful origin.

The suspect admitted his fault, indicating the operation costs in between 10,000 to 50,000 FCFA depending on the duration of the pregnancy.

He and his assistance have been practicing clandestine abortion for three years without any qualification.

The two gang members were transferred to the Yaounde Court of First Instance where they are awaiting trial.

Abortion in Cameroon is only legal if it will save the woman’s life, the pregnancy gravely endangers the woman’s physical or mental health, or the pregnancy is a result of rape.



Published on 05.05.2023

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