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Cameroon: About 12 new ex Amba fighters presented to Buea authorities

Repentant separatists and Buea authorities (c) copyright

Some twelve repentant Ambazonia fighters and their weapons have been presented to administrative authorities in Buea, restive South West region of Cameroon.

The twelve ex fighters who called themselves guerilla fighters operating in Wabane and Alou in the Lebialem Division, one of the strong holds of the Ambazonia separatist movement in the South West region were taken to the Governor’s office by the Senior Divisional Officer, William Ekema this Wednesday November 18.

The weapons which were presented alongside the fighters included dozens of guns of several calibre, iron bars to name but these.

Before then, the repentant fighters were taken to the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration centre in Buea where they were disarmed and dressed in DDR t-shirts.

While congratulating them for the good decision, the Secretary General to the South West regional office promised the fighters security and a quick reintegration into the society.

He used the opportunity to call on other fighters still in the bushes to follow the example, finally heed to the Head of State’s call to leave the bushes, drop their arms and join their fellow countrymen.

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