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Cameroon: About 15 hard drug consumers arrested in Douala on December 31st

Gendarmes in Douala surprise hard drug consumers in hideout (c) copyright

Gendarmerie elements in Cameroon’s economic capital Douala last December 31st surprised hard drug consumers in the course of a crackdown operation in their hideouts and arrested about fifteen of them.

According to reports, the crackdown operation kicked off in the night of Thursday December 31 breaking Friday with elements of the Legion Office of the Gendarmerie of Bonanjo.

The Gendarmerie Commander says the order received from hierarchy was to protect inhabitants during this festive period.

Patrol teams from the Gendarmerie stormed some neighbourhoods in Douala, including Makea in Akwa South, Valee Bessengue and Ndokoti round about where they caught the drug users red handed in their hideouts- abandoned buildings and corridors.

Videos of the operation show how some of the Gendarmes nearly fought with the drug consumers to stop them from running away.

In one of the abandoned buildings, Gendarmes elements saw a pregnant lady. She too was arrested.

At the end of the operation, about fifteen of them were arrested and taken to the Gendarmerie Brigade of New Bell.

A security source said the patrol teams was able to fish out that number thanks to their collaboration with Gendarmes from the phone operation unit.

The latter received calls from neighbourhoods where danger was signaled and forwarded information to the patrol teams.

The operation which was launched to flush out drug consumers in various neighbourhoods in Douala posing a threat to the security, peace and tranquility of inhabitants is still ongoing.


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