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Cameroon: About 20 houses constructed in risk zones in Douala V demolished

ogbessou inhabitants evacuating (c)copyright

Close to 20 houses constructed in high risk zones in the Logbessou Carriere neighbourhood in Douala V Municipality, Littoral region of Cameroon have been destroyed by city council agents on risks of possible landslide during heavy rain fall.

The destruction process took place Friday September 4, two weeks after the concerned were notified by the Senior Divisional Officer of the Wouri Division, Benjamin Mboutou and the Mayor of Douala, Roger Mbassa Ndine to evacuate the area ahead of demolitions.

The inhabitants were thus not surprised to see bulldozers bringing down their shelters.

Most of these houses were constructed on gutters with poor drainage systems, facilitating the occurrence of floods after heavy rains.

After the August floods which hit most parts of Douala following torrential rains and the announcement of more devastating rains, authorities in the region embarked on reshaping the drainage system so as to reduce flooding.

In that light, inhabitants of the Logbessou neighbourhood, especially thoe who constructed in high risk zones were asked to evacuate with immediate effects to minimize the risk of possible landslides and floods on inhabitants.


Published on 03.01.2023

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