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Cameroon: Access To Patriot Monument Costs Between 200 And 20,000 CFA Francs 

Patriot monument

The Patriot Monument built by the Yaounde city council at the roundabout of the Prime Minister’s services opens to the public on Saturday, June 04, 2022, and entrance will not be free of charge.

Access to the Patriot monument is not free of charge. Raised by the Yaounde city council and inaugurated on May 18 by the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Célestine Ketcha Courtès, the leisure and relaxation area opens to the public this weekend. But, to visit it, one will have to purchase an entrance ticket. The cost ranges from 200 and 20,000 CFA Francs. This information is carried out in an announcement note of the Yaounde city council.
The document outlines the various types of categories and the amount each necessitates;

A simple visit costs 200 CFA Francs for children and 500 CFA Francs for adults from the age of 15 or 3500CFA Francs for a family of 10 people. The visit will last for 30 minutes.

A school visit is worth 5000  CFA Francs for 10 to 20 students; 10,000 CFA Francs for 10 to 20 students and 15,000 CFA Francs for more than 50 students. The duration here is one hour.

A pre-announced wedding photo shoot will cost 15,000 CFA Francs for 45 minutes; an unannounced photoshoot 20,000 CFA Francs for 45 minutes; a photographer not affiliated with the site or photo taken with a personal camera will be sanctioned to pay 2,000 CFA Francs for 30 minutes

The shooting of videogram or film announced 15,000  CFA Francs, and not announced 20,000  CFA Francs.

According to the communication unit, “this modest contribution from visitors will make it possible to bear part of the expenses related to the maintenance of the building, the support of the maintenance and security agents who will be mobilized permanently and the payment of receipt electricity and water”.

Patriot monument

The mayor also specifies that the monument will be open from Monday to Thursday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and from Friday to Sunday from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.  

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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