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Cameroon: Ad hoc committee created to investigate death of Kamto’s lawyer

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The Cameroon Medical Council has created an Ad hoc committee to investigate the death of Barrister Sylvain Souop, lead lawyer of the Cameroon Renaissance Mouvement who died in “unclear” circumstances.

The Ad hoc committee composed of twelve members and piloted by Prof Emmanuel Eben Mussy had one week to give their results expected tomorrow Friday, January 24, 2020.

The commission’ mission consist in making light on the technical, ethical and deontological circumstances that led to the sudden death of Barrister Sylvain Souop.

He died in a hospital in Yaounde on January 16, 2020 under unclear circumstances after it seemed he was not in any form of danger after suffering a fractured arm from a road accident the previous week in the West region of Cameroon.

Some reports have indicated Barrister Souop died because of a lack of anaesthesia in the hospital while some supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party on their part see a ‘foul play’ in his death.



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