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Cameroon: Africa Foods leaving GICAM group after Broli, Armanti rice scandal

Africa Foods Manufacturer, proprietor of the Broli brand, has served its resignation from the  Cameroon Inter-regional Grouping through a letter to it’s President Célestin Tawamba.

This comes days after many question the quality and reliability of its product, particularly Armanti and Broli rice over social media. The smear campaign on social networks was however later debunked by Cameroon’s Minister of Commerce on January 3. After investigations, the Minister of Commerce stated that Broli and Armanti rice are of good quality.

Despite the Minister’s intervention, Evariste Helle , General Manager of Africa Food Manufacturer said they will be leaving the GICAM group. Hear him; “For several months, our company (AFM), a member of the GICAM group, has been the target of several campaigns of defamation and manipulation orchestrated by a bad player, whose only strategy is gain monopoly of the market”.

GICAM has since describe the Africa Food’s correspondence as sudden and incomprehensible. The group said it regretted the decision stating that it had ever been called to intervened in any request.



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