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Cameroon: Ahead of school resumption, students scramble to get registered

Students at CUIB (c) copyright

Hundreds of advanced level laureates have stormed the campus of the University of Yaounde I for late registrations ahead of the 2020/2021 academic year scheduled for this Thursday October 15 across the national territory.

Face mask on, result slips in their hands, anxious looks, coupled with fatigue are the words which can best describe the over one hundred students present inside and beside the gate of the University of Yaounde I Tuesday October 13 to do last minutes registrations.

Though the process has been digitalized, thus made possible from a smartphone or a computer, some students still preferred to register themselves on campus to avoid errors.

“I preferred to go through all this stress including having to stand for long hours under the rain and the sun and at times having to run and be assured of a smooth registration process …” Christian Mboda GCE A level holder who wants to study modern letters told Journal du Cameroun.

“We have developed a system which facilitates students registration into the University. All they need to do is subscribe on the webpage where they will file the application information for the enrollment.” Fritz Makembe, head of the University of Yaounde Information Technology Centre said.

Old university students were also present in their numbers to give a helping hand to the new comers just like tradition demands.

“On their arrival, members of the student association show them how to enroll on their own. If they don’t succeed, they come back to the association for total assistance…” indicated Brice Touko, president of the students association of the University of Yaounde I.

“We equally help students who prefer to be registered from their phones to facilitate the process. Our goal here is that all students pre-register themselves quickly and free of charge…” He added.

Reports say so far, about six thousand students have pre-registered themselves online.

They will start warning their seats in the different amphitheaters from October 15 amid the ravaging COVI-19 pandemic.




Published on 28.04.2020

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