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Cameroon: Akere Muna calls for release of kidnapped lawyer

The leader of the Now Movement anf former Bar President Barrister Akere Muna has called on the immediate release of Bar. Suh Fuh Benjamin who was kidnapped yesterday.

Akere Muna said those who committed the acts were so ungrateful to lawyers who have been defending Anglophone activists in court for free.

“The kidnapping of Barrister Suh Fuh Benjamin has gotten to me as a shock. If it has to do with the Participation at General Assembly if the Bar then I am doubly sad. This general Assembly has put out the highest number of Anglophones ever as Members of the Bar Council,” Akere Muna said.

“The Bar is preparing to engage more vigorously than ever in the Anglophone crisis. The number of Anglophones locked up increases everyday. Lawyers will be called upon to assist for no pay. The thanks they get is a kidnapping.

“I will just conclude that the authors of this misfortune were misguided. As a consequence they should proceed to realease him immediately and let us concentrate on on freeing our brothers and sisters languishing in jail.

Published on 10.02.2021

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