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Cameroon: Akere Muna distances self from Kamto’s ‘victorious coalition’

Akere Muna

The leader of the “Now Movement” Akere muna has distanced himself from persons presenting him as a member of a winning coalition behind Maurice Kamto.

A spokesperson for Akere Muna said in a press release that they were part of a coalition to support Maurice Kamto’s candidacy at the October 7 Pressidential election under the FPD party but that does not make him chairman of the party.

“In the past few days, a poster that seems to be going viral has been circulating on social media presenting a number of political figures as being ‘Member of the victorious coalition around the President-Elect Maurice Kamto’. Among the personalities on this poster , is Batonnier Akere Muna, presented there as the Chairman of the FPD party,” a spokesperson for Akere Muna said.

“It is important to dispel, through this statement, any misunderstanding that might stem from this ambiguous communication,” the statement stressed.

Akere stressed his respect for the FPD party and its chairman and reiterated his need to work for a joint reflection amongst opposition forces.

It should be recalled that Akere Muna rallied behind Maurice Kamto on the eve of the October 7 Presidential election with the CRM flag bearer finishing second though he has since refused to recognise the results proclaimed by the Constitutional Council.

“As for the agreement with Prof. Maurice Kamto, it was a partnership at a critical moment when the Cameroonian people called for the synergy of opposition forces,”Akere Muna said.




Published on 28.04.2020

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