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Cameroon: Akere Muna steps down from IAAF top job

Akere Muna

The leader of the Now Movement Akere Tabeng Muna has announced he is stepping down from his position as Chairman of the vetting panel of the International Athletics Federation.

Barrister Akere Muna stepped down from his position after he was slammed a three-year prison sentence suspended for five years by the Yaounde Court of First Instance in opposing him to his sister over the management of the estate of their late father Solomon Tandeng Muna.

Akere Muna has since filed an appeal which effectively suspends the judgement but said he was conscious of the ethical considerations and aware that he could not fulfil his duties duties diligently while the slightest doubt lingers about his integrity, reason why he decided to resign from the IAAF position.

As Chairman of the vetting panel, Akere Muna was responsible for overseeing and assessing the eligibility of new and existing officials being put forward for, or continuing to serve in IAAF roles.

This is the latest position Akere Muna is stepping down from after resigning as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ecobank Cameroon, stepping down as Sanctions Commissioner at the African Development Bank amongst a host of postions inorder to run for the Otober 7 Presidential election.

Akere Muna later pulled out of the race to throw his weight behind Maurice Kamto which finished second with 14.28 percent of the votes.

Published on 28.04.2020

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