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Cameroon: Akere Muna urges civil society, opposition parties to federate positions

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The leader of the “Now Movement” Akere Muna has appealed to the civil society, Trade Unions and opposition parties to come together and federate their ideas to ensure the success of the National Dialogue called up by the President of the Republic.

In a release issued today, Akere Muna reacts to President Biya’s dialogue move and calls on all to meet and agree on the elements that will constitute solutions to be presented at the National dialogue table.

“I am appealing to Civil Society, Trade Unions and Political Parties of the opposition for us to meet and agree and federate our positions” Part of the release says.

Decrying all that has so far happened in Cameroon’s North West and South West region due to the crisis: “Three years later, over 2000 killed, over 200 villages burnt, many thousands maimed, over 650,000 internally displaced, and over 50,000 refugees in Nigeria and other countries…” Akere Muna calls on the sense of responsibility of all those who will be invited to the dialogue table.

“There is one agenda only, and that is the future of our nation…Our future is in our hands and the National Dialogue is the time for us to own it.”

Published on 28.04.2020

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