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Cameroon: ‘Ambazonia fighters’ kidnap teacher for supervising GCE exams in Bamenda

A teacher was on Monday, July 20 kidnapped by suspected armed separatist fighters for supervising the practical session of the General Certificate of Education exams.

In a video(which we can not independdently auhenticate) that has been circulating online since Monday morning, the teacher narrates to his abductors that how he was kidnapped on his way as he was going to supervise practicals for Computer Science at the Government Bilingual High School Down Town, Bamenda.

In the video, the teacher’s abductors ask him why he should be going to school when ‘Amba'(fighters) are beig killed by soldiers on a daily basis.

Students and teachers have been targeted since the crisis in the North West and South West Regions metamorphosed into an armed conflict as separatist fighters continue to call for a school boycott as long as the war continues.

Both local and international organisations have always called for restraint on both sides and urged for the respect of children’s rights to education.

Published on 10.02.2021

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