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Cameroon: Ambazonia leaders back in court to challenge integrity of judges

Ambazonia leadermiddle at Yaounde military tribunal

The ten separatist leaders standing trial before the Yaounde Military tribunal return to court today where their hearing resumes.

Today’s hearing will see the appointment of two new interpreters to facilitate the process after the defense counsel recused the previous interpreters during the last hearing.

However, the defense counsel still plan to raise a motion against the judges today as they insist French-speaking judges should not be presiding over a case involving accused who understand only English.

“To judge people who understand only English in French, I see it as a traversty and this is one of the main reasons why Cameroon is (in conflict) today,” Barrister Abdul Oroh said after the last hearing.

Today’s hearing might also be an opportunity for the defense counsel to present proof of the refugee status of the Ambazonia leaders.

The prosecution will equally be eager to show proof of the Cameroonian nationality of the Ambazonia leaders as they have insisted in previous hearings.

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