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Cameroon: Ambazonia leaders challenged to direct fighters stop attacks on civilians

Ambazonia fighters (c) copyright

Central Africa Director at Human Rights Watch, Lewis Mudge has challenged “Separatist leaders to immediately direct their fighters and followers to halt attacks, including torture and other abuse aimed at civilians” a report from the organization has confirmed.

The warning comes as a result of a video viewed by Human Rights Watch featuring Ambazonia fighters torturing a man in an abandoned school in the North West region of Cameroon in mid-May, 2019.

According to the report, the video “shows at least four separatist fighters threatening and torturing the man, who is wearing only his underwear, forcing him to sit on burning pieces of paper and beating him with sticks and machetes.”

His crime, he was discovered transporting products for Brasseries du Cameroon, an activity which has been banned by separatists in the area. Reports say the victim begged his torturers to stop, but they instead threatened to “wash him with gasoline,” implying they would kill him.

Human Rights Watch through its Central Director for Africa has fumed at this attitude that is rampant in the area and thus called on the separatists leaders to bring their followers to order.

“The separatists should know the world is paying attention and those responsible for torture will face the consequences,” he said.

Published on 05.05.2023

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