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Cameroon: Ambazonia leaders name American diplomat as spokesperson

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Detained Ambazonia leaders have chosen American Diplomat Herman Jay Cohen as spokesperson to represent them at the international level.

The information is contained in a communique signed by Dabney Yerima and made public yesterday.

According to the communique, Herman Jay Cohen, American Diplomat has been appointed as Ambassador of Ambazonia to other nations. The same communique indicates that the American diplomat has given his accord.

The functions of the diplomat who once served as United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs will be amongst others to act as a negotiator.

“The international community or Cameroun and her supporters can no longer say that they don’t know who to negotiate with” The communique reads.

Jay Cohen is one of those who criticised the life-sentencing of Separatist leaders by the Yaounde Military Tribunal. He had prescribed the government of Cameroon to engage in a dialogue instead of condemning the leaders.

Last Tuesday September 24, 2019, he called on the separatist leaders to partake in the National Dialogue convened by President Paul Biya if not they would lose their international sympathy.

Published on 28.04.2020

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