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Cameroon: Ambazonia separatist put immediate end to lockdown in Fako Division

Ambazonia separatist activitists in the diaspora have called for an immediate end to the ten-day imposed lockdown in the Fako Division.

The call was issued by the separatist groups united under the newly created Southern Cameroons Liberation Council with seven key figures appending their signatures to the document calling off the lockdown.

The group says their decision is based on the negative feedback received from those back at home who are feeling the impact of the lockdown.

It is still left to be seen if the armed fighters on the ground will respect the call.

Separatists had called for a lockdown in Fako Division from the 4-13 April in an attempt to frustrate the Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture currently going on.

WWhile the festival was effectively launched at the weekend and has been going on smoothly, other towns in the division have been observing the lockdown with many staying home for fear of the unknown.

The seven major movements that make up the SCLC have now called on residents in this division to go about their activities and it is now left to be seen if activities will resume normally.

Published on 28.04.2020

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