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Cameroon/Anglophone crisis: Gov’t frowns at irresponsible attitude of Humanitarian partners

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The Government of Cameroon has urged its International partners who carryout Humanitarian activities in the crisis-hit North West and South West regions to be more transparent and responsible in their operations on the ground.

The plea was made Saturday December 28, 2019 by Territorial Administration boss Paul Atanga Nji in a press briefing in Yaounde to announce the decision by the Head of State to dispatch relief material to Internally Displaced Persons in the two troubled regions.

Talking about the Humanitarian situation in Cameroon, Minister Paul Atanga said the assistance the country needs is within the reach of the Government but in case International partners wish to help, they should do it in full transparency and responsibility.

“UN agencies (WFP, OCHA, UNHCR) and others want to observe strict neutrality in their operations on the ground. The Government recognizes the neutrality of our partners but, neutrality does not exclude transparency. The Government demands transparency in the activities of our partners on the ground.” Atanga Nji said.

He cited examples where in security forces intercepted Humanitarian aid convoys from International partners including both relief and dangerous weapons to reiterate the stand.

“The defence and security forces carried out an unexpected control of a humanitarian aid convoy by a partner organisation. It contained rice, soap and other basic needs. Paradoxically in this truck, there were also three boxes of ammunition, binoculars, Android mobile phones, etc.”

“Faced with this dangerous trafficking from certain partners or those working on behalf of separatist groups, the Government demands more transparency and more responsibility in the operations of our partners in the North West and South West regions.” Atanga Nji hinted.

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