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Cameroon/Major National Dialogue: Over 9000 jobs to be created for Anglophone IDPs

Anglophone IDPs running away from crisis (c) copyright

The Committee in charge of monitoring the implementation of the recommendations of the Major National Dialogue, MND has proposed the creation of an industrial zone that will provide job opportunities to over 9000 internally displaced persons from the crisis-stricken Anglophone regions of the country as a way forward to addressing the situation.

The proposition was made known Thursday September 3 by the Spokesperson of the MND, Dr George Ewane during a press briefing that took place after the holding of the inaugural session of the committee in charge of monitoring the implementation of the recommendations of the dialogue.

Apart from the creation of an industrial zone, the eighteen-member Committee made up of religious authorities, the civil society, Government members and the diaspora led by the Prime Minister Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute mentioned among others the designing of a road map to ensure students resume school, the creation of peace grass hood ambassadors to ease the reconciliation process, and the enforcement of measures to end ghost towns.

The committee equally reviewed actions taken by the Government so far towards resolving the crisis, including the Presidential decree remitting the crimes of over three hundred detainees of the Anglophone crisis, the Presidential plan for the reconstruction of the two regions, the recruitment of the first batch of English-speaking judges among others.

Though contented with what is gradually been done, members of the Committee expressed the wish to see some of the above mentioned actions, including the reconstruction plan of the regions take effect.

Published on 03.01.2023

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