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Cameroon-Anglophone Crisis: Youths Involve In Peace Building Solution

With assistance from the European Union, Trauma Centre Cameroon and Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflicts, the NGO “Women in Alternative Action in Cameroon” mobilizes young people to thwart the path to radicalism and violence.



This initiative is supported by the non-governmental organization Women in Alternative Action in Cameroon (WAA). Its members initiated the project Voices of youth in Cameroon for peace.


Launched three years ago, this project is aims at solving the anglophone crisis in North West and South West regions. For more than five years now, these two regions have been rocked by a socio-political and armed conflict.


According to various NGOs a lot of youths got involved in this conflict forsaking their studies and their professional activities.


Their approach which targets youths prevents radicalization of the hearts of the population, in this case, that of young people in these regions. Alongside this, there is also the training of young people as agents of peace with the offer of social integration opportunities.


To implement their vision, VOYCE is engaged in training 300 young people in these two regions. Training that makes them missionaries of peace and change in their communities. For example, football matches have been organized to bring together young people to raise their awareness in leisure atmosphere.

Published on 05.05.2023

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