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Cameroon: Anglophone detainee chained to hospital bed dies

Thomas Nganyu chained to hospital bed at Yaounde Central Hospital (c) copyright

Thomas Nganyu Tangem, Anglophone detainee rushed to the Yaounde Central Hospital after allegedly suffering for over five months of ill health in prison has finally given up the ghost, chained to his hospital bed.

News of his passing away were made public early Wednesday August 5 by the head the Communication Department of the Defence team of the Anglophone leaders, Barrister Amungwa Nicodemus Esq.

According to the information, Thomas Nganyu Tangem died chained to his hospital bed “to the satisfaction of the prison and justice administrators…”

Reports say Thomas was arrested some three years ago in Bengwi, Momo Division of the North West region of Cameroon after which he spent two years in prison without judgement.

He had been reportedly sick for over five months and only taken to the Yaounde Central Hospital recently when his condition worsened.

Before his demise, an image of him chained to his hospital bed circulated on social media, generating a fierce outcry from many online.

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