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Cameroon: Anglophone female journalists acquire skills on fact checking techniques

Journalists at the fact checking workshop in Yaounde (c) copyright

Female journalists from the two troubled English speaking regions of Cameroon are currently being drilled on fact checking techniques, verification of deep fakes and freelance journalism in Yaounde.

This is at a three-day workshop initiated by the NGO Sisterspeak237 with the support of the High Commission of Canada to Cameroon represented at the opening session by HE Richard Bale, High Commissioner.

According to Musa Comfort, Coordinator of Sisterspeak237, the workshop that enters day-three is amongst other issues aimed at strengthening the knowledge and abilities of female journalists to enable them gather news accurately and report truthfully.

During day one, the over twenty participants were schooled on how to start off as freelance journalists and work money efficiently out of it, a timely situation that will help most of the journalists who have lost their jobs due to the crisis in the Anglophone regions.

One of the facilitators, Eugene Nforngwa told the journalists to have a nose for news and develop the ability to see a good story and say it is good and vice versa in order to stand out.

On day two, the journalists upgraded their skills on fact checking techniques and the verification of deep fakes with the help of some tools online.

Day three of the workshop focuses on what the female journalists need to know about the anti-terrorism law, how to fact check in resource limited newsrooms, fact checking on a budget, managing source relationships in crisis zones and humanitarian reporting.

This workshop comes at a time when social media platforms especially Facebook are fast being used for misinformation and disinformation.

With the tools and techniques they were drilled on, the journalists will be able to better report and dish out credible information to the public, especially in the two English speaking crisis-hit regions of Cameroon where information tends to be distorted most often.

Published on 28.04.2020

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