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Cameroon: Anglophone journalists urge government to protect their profession


English speaking journalists of the public and private media in Cameroon have called on the Government to ensure a safe environment for them as they carry out their function of reporting on the present socio-political crisis.

The plea was made yesterday by representatives of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists CAMASEJ, during a joint audience granted them by the Prime Minister Head of Government Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute as part of ongoing consultations in view of the major national dialogue.

Speaking after of the audience, the President of the Association, Simon Lyonga disclosed some of the difficulties faced by journalists while reporting on the present socio-political situation in Cameroon and called on the government to see into those issues ahead of the major national dialogue.

“The journalists have been caught in the cross fire of what is going on, cross fire of words, opinions… Separatists and the military…Most of us have been jailed, others hiding, most cannot write because of the fear of the unknown.” Simon Lyonga said.

“We came to tell him that the press is ready to contribute toward nation building, but it cannot be done without some of those our colleagues who are in hiding, those who are in jail… We call on those who matter in the republic to make sure that there is a level playground for everybody before this dialogue can hold.”

Published on 28.04.2020

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