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Cameroon: Another doctor dies from Coronavirus

Late Dr Felix Kwedi (c) copyright

Cameroon has recorded its third Coronavirus death from the medical corps this Wednesday afternoon following the announcement of the passing on to glory of Dr Felix Kwedi, a rheumatologist working at the Douala General Hospital who recently tested positive for the virus.

According to reports, Dr Felix Kwedi who was one of the doctors on front against the Coronavirus died this Wednesday April 15 at the Douala General Hospital, Littoral region of Cameroon.

Unofficial reports say he was amongst the personnel of the hospital who tested positive for the killer virus after COVID-19 tests were conducted there.

Dr Felix Kwedi is the third Cameroonian medic to die from Coronavirus after Dr Tchouamo Michel and Dr Kakizingi Lazare, all of them from the Douala General Hospital.

Reports have blamed the death of one of these medical practitioners on the lack of adequate anti-COVID-19 equipment.

In the meantime, at least ten nurses are reported to have contracted the killer virus and are receiving treatment.

In some of his press outings, the Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manaouda disclosed the protection of these health warriors who decided to risk being infected to save lives is one of his fights.


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