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Cameroon: Another suicide attack kills three in Far North region

Cameroonian soldier in Fotokol, FN region after Boko Haram massacred dozens of civilians in 2015 (c) copyright

The Minister of Defence has confirmed the dead of three persons following a suicide attack perpetrated in the Achigachia village in the Far North region of Cameroon Saturday April 11.

According to a release signed by Cameroon’s Minister of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo, at about 9pm that Saturday, a man who found himself in the Achigachia village, Mayo Moscota Subdivision in the Far North region of Cameroon carrying explosive charges immediately activated them at the sight of members of the vigilante committee.

The Minister’s release says the explosion killed three civilians, including the suicide bomber and injured one who was evacuated to the Mora District Hospital in the Far North region.

Though the release is not certain on the authors behind the explosion, it indicates that investigations and exploitation of the survivors of the incident show that it was a suicide bomb attack.

This new attack comes a week after a double suicide attack claimed ten victims in the Mayo Sava Division in the same Far North region of Cameroon.

Reports have attributed these attacks to the Boko Haram Jihadist group which began attacking Cameroon’s Far North region since 2014.


Published on 10.02.2021

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