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Cameroon: ANTIC drills investigators, magistrates on fighting cyber crimes

The National Agency of Information and Communication Technologies, ANTIC has drilled police investigators as well as magistrates of the Special Criminal Courts on advanced forms to fight cybercriminality and track down perpetrators.

During a workshop that started yesterday in Yaounde, participants received expert presentations and knowledge on cybercriminality which has gained grounds in Cameroon in recent years and is deeply rooted in several other African countries and around the world.

During the three-day workshop, participants were edified on issues related to cyber security as well as its legal impact. They also gained skills on intelligence gathering on the digital sphere, maintaining digital order, improved techniques on digital intelligence gathering, collecting evidence, as well as the various ways of identifying cyber criminals and the accompanying legal provisions.

According to the Director General of ANTIC, Prof Ebot Ebot Enaw, there is the urgent need for various stakeholders to step up efforts in fighting against cybercriminality, reason why ANTIC is organising the workshop.

On his part, the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice, Jean De Dieu Momo lauded ANTIC for the initiative which he said falls in lie with government’s efforts to fight cybercriminality and make the digital space sane in Cameroon.

He added that such a workshop will only strengthen collaboration ANTIC, magistrates of the Special Criminal Court and judicial police officers and set up a strong mechanism that will go a long way to to tighten the noose on cyber criminals, track, investigate and punish them.

Published on 10.02.2021

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