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Cameroon: Archbishop Kleda claims to have treated 3000 Coronavirus patients

His Grace Samuel Kleda, Archbishop of Douala Metropolitan Archdiocese (c) copyright

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Douala, Mgr Samuel Kleda has revealed his treatment protocol has helped 3000 COVID-19 patients to recover.

Archbishop Samuel Kleda made the revelation at the weekend as he officially presented the products during a press conference in Douala.

The Man of God presented the products made of natural plants as he said his aim is to ensure they are distributed all over the country for all COVID-19 patients to be treated.

He presented two products, notably the Elixir Covid and the Adsak Covid which he said have treated at least 300 patients so far.

As for Elixir Covid, Archbishop Kleda said the product is principally made of Trichilia emetic which is commonly called ‘Mafura’, extracted from trees in the Savanna of the Far North Region of Cameroon. The second product, Adsak Covd, is mainly derived from a concoction typically made of the Aloe Verra, Archbishop Kleda said.

Revealing the treatment protocol, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Douala said the two products are to be consumed at the same time by the patient.

In addition to the four Roman Catholic hospitals in Douala where these products can be found, the treatment protocol is available in the Diocese of Yaounde, Garoua, Bertoua, Buea, Bafoussam, and Bamenda, Archbishop Samuel Kleda revealed. He added that the products have already been protected at the African Institute of Intellectual Property, OAPI and is now waiting to hear from the government after a team from the Ministry of Public Health took samples of the product for analysis.

The government of Cameroon has shown interest in Archbishop Kleda’s initiative as the prelate was recently received at the Star Building by the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Dr Joseph Dion Ngute.

The audience came after a team from the Ministry of Public Health was dispatched to Douala to see how the government could offer support to the initiative.

Published on 03.01.2023

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