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Cameroon: Armed men attack Gendarmerie Unit in West region, do away with arms

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Some nine unidentified armed men suspected to be separatist fighters have reportedly attacked a Gendarmerie post in Bangourain, in the Noun Division of the West region of Cameroon, carrying away arms and munitions.

The attack reportedly took place in the night of Monday January 6, 2020 breaking Tuesday.

The nine armed men are said to have stormed the post in the presence of the only gendarme who was on duty.

“They came on three bikes. The only gendarme on duty preferred to run for his life. Thus, without encountering any resistance, the insurgents carried three arms and munitions.” A security source said.

According to reports, this is not the first time such actions are perpetrated in Bangourin, Noun Division of the West region of Cameroon.

In December 2018, suspected separatist fighters allegedly launched an offensive that led to one death, eighty-five houses reduced to ashes to name but these.

Published on 10.02.2021

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