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Cameroon: Armed men chop off fingers of CDC workers

One of the victims of a previous attack

At least half a dozen workers of the Cameroon Development Corporation CDC are receiving treatment in a local medical facilityin Tiko  after they were attacked on Thursday morning by unidentified armed men.

The workers of the Sonne rubber camp were reportedly pulled out of their houses at about 11pm on Wednssday by armed men and had their hands chopped off sources said.

Two workers had their thumbs chopped off, one worker had his four fingers chopped off, two severely injured and the other wounded on the leg, the source added.

The injured workers, all men were transported to the Tiko Cottage hospital for proper medical attention as security forces have opened investigations on the attack.

The attack is said to have discouraged workers of the banana section who were supposed to resume work today as many decided to stay home.

This is the latest attack on workers of the CDC in over two months as the CDC continues to be heavily hit by crisis in the North West and South West regions of the country.

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