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Cameroon: Army chief of staff visits troubled Anglophone regions

The Defence Chief of Staff Rene Claude Meka is on a mission to the North West and South West Region to hold strategic security meetings and evaluating the situation on the ground.

After the South West Region, Rene Claude Meka was in Bamenda on Thursday where he visited the 5th Military region and held a strategic meeting with military officials.

After chairing a meeting with all the heads of the security services in the region, he encouraged the soldiers for their professionalism and urged them to continue serving the nation with their patriotic fibre.

He urged the population to collaborate with the military in order to overcome armed separatists in the region who have waged a war against the state.

Despite the security situation in the region marked by killings and kidnappings in the region, Rene Claude Meka said the situation remains under control as he hoped it is a matter of time before the separatists are completely defeated.

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