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Cameroon : Army’s Bullet Kills Two Women

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Army kill two women

Three soldiers of the Airborne Troops Battalion of Koutaba were responsible for a blunder that cost the lives of two people reports a statement from the Ministry of Defense , on September 19th 2022.


The tragedy took place in the village of Nylbat-Andek, in the crisis-ridden North West region. “Three elements of the Defence and Security Forces of the BTAP present in Nylbat-Andek in violation of the law attacked some inhabitants on whom one of the soldiers unfortunately opened fire,” said Captain Cyrile Serge Atonfack Guemo, head of the communication division of the Ministry of Defence, who signed the statement.

According to this official, the two dead people are women aged 47 and 49. The Ministry of Defense announced a precautionary measure against the soldiers involved. They have been disarmed, demobilized, taken out of the area and arrested at the Gendarmerie of Mbengwi.

In addition, an investigation has been opened to ‘shed light on and clarify the contours and responsibilities’ in this double death. The army reassures that the public will be “regularly” informed of the evolution of the case. This is not the first time that elements of the defense forces commit a blunder in the war  waged against separatist-inspired terrorist groups that abound in the North West and South West regions.

Human rights organisations often accuse the military of committing abuses against civilians. In cases where grievances are proven, the military hierarchy has often taken disciplinary measures and made provisions for the accused to answer for their actions as the law stipulates.

Published on 05.05.2023

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