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Cameroon: As more soldiers fall in Boko Haram attacks, Defense boss goes F/N to re-mobilize troops

Joseph Beti Assomo (c) copyright
The Minister of Defense, Joseph Beti Assomo embarks on a two-day working visit to Maroua in the Far North region of Cameroon that has been the theater of Boko Haram incursions to put the security situation of the region under check, re-mobilize and re-galvanize troops and re-strategize on ways to protect people and their goods and preserve the integrity of the region.


The working visit begins this Wednesday July 28. it follows repeated Boko Haram attacks on military post that have claimed the lives of many soldiers.

Most recently, in the space of three days, elements of the Islamist sect attacked two control posts, killed eight soldiers and injured thirteen others during the first attack and killed five more during the second attack after which they roasted their bodies.

This visit to the region will thus give the opportunity to the Defense boss to check this preoccupying security situation that has sent many inhabitants out of their localities for fear of their lives, re-mobilize his troops, re-galvanize them and dish out new strategies on how to effectively protect people and their property and preserve the territorial integrity of the region.

Last week, the Defense boss was in the West region for a similar working visit.




Published on 03.01.2023

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