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Cameroon: ASMAC gets first female Director

Prof Alice Nga Minkala (c) copyright
Prof Alice Nga Minkala is the new and first female Director of the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC, one of the prestigious State institutions which offers journalism courses in Cameroon.


She was appointed by one of several Presidential decrees signed Wednesday May 26 appointing officials in State Universities across the country.

She replaces Professor Laurent Charles Boyomo Assala who served in that capacity since 2008 and now placed on retirement.

Before Wednesday’s appointment, Prof Alice Nga Minkala was the Deputy Director in charge of studies in ASMAC.

She is the first female Director to lead the prestigious information and communication institution since its creation in 1970 as a Journalism school.

ASMAC before her had five Directors, including late Hervé Bourges from France, Jean-Oaul Nyalendo from Gabon, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo, late Marc-Joseph Omgba Etoundi and Laurent-Charles Boyomo Assala, longest serving Director.

Published on 10.02.2021

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