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Cameroon assessing COVID-19 vaccine options

Cameroon is assessing the various types of vaccines in order to choose the better option which is appropriate and presents the least risk to the population, the Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manaouda has announced.

During an audience granted the French Ambassador to Cameroon, HE Christophe Guilhou on Tuesday, February 9, the Minister of Public Health explained Cameroon’s approach to selecting a convenient vaccine.

The audience that lasted over an hour, focused on three main issues: the organization of the just ended African Nations Championship, the current epidemiological situation and Cameroon’s strategy for the acquisition of an anti-Covid-19 vaccine.

Discussing on the vaccination against Covid-19, the Minister of Public Health informed his host that the Cameroonian government is committed to the Covax initiative on the one hand, and on the other hand continues to develop, in collaboration with certain international institutions through the establishment of a working group, a vaccination plan. In this perspective, Cameroon is carefully examining the types of vaccine in order to select the most appropriate, that is to say the one that presents the least risk to our populations. However, he stressed Cameroon is aligned with the position of the sub-region concerning the vaccine against Covid-19.

Referring to some financial aspects of the management of the pandemic, the French Ambassador to Cameroon urged the Minister of Public Health to pursue and persevere in the path of transparency in the management of related resources.

On his part,  Yann Lorvo, Special Adviser for Cooperation and Cultural Action at the French Embassy said laboratories spread across the country have helped to position Cameroon among the countries that have adopted good practices when put on the international scale.

On the same day, the Minister of Public Health also received a delegation from UNFPA, UNICEF, UN Women and UNESCO.

The delegation came to present to the Minister the initiative: Education Plus Cameroon. The delegation urged the Ministry of Public Health to adhere to the initiative which aims at providing quality secondary education for girls as well as respect for their health, sexual and reproductive rights among others.

The delegation also expressed the wish that this initiative be integrated into national strategic development frameworks.

Published on 10.02.2021

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