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Cameroon: Dozens ambushed by Ambazonia forces in Oku

At least persons have been killed in an ambush  in Oku, North West Region of Cameroon by armed men suspected to be members of the Ambazonia armed separatist movement, sources have confirmed.

According to sources, the armed men ambushed an armour car transporting some councillors of Oku as well as a local Elecam official in the locality leaving at least a dozen dead including a soldier.

“Four survived the accident but were later taken and killed by the seperatists who arrived the scene first. Some even beheaded,” a local source who pleaded to remain anonymous said.

The source said two deputy mayors were killed amongs them Tah Timothy, as well as other councillors.

Deputy Mayor, Tah Timothy was among those killed

Those kidnapped are; Shimbo Godlove Nchi, Ebsiy Fai Patrick, Derrick wiltof, Mbuh Fred Ngek and Ngwei Clovis.

Among those killed are ;1. Tah Timothy Babey, Babey Julius Ghoyume, Ngobe Isaac Chioghe, Ngek Constantine Njobam, Kedia Kenneth Buji, Ndifon Samuel, Tamfu Kingsley, Babila Desmond (soldier)

They are accused of taking part in March 22 Legislative rerun despite a “ban” placed by Ambazonia forces in the areas.

Published on 03.01.2023

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