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Cameroon: At least 20 die in road accident in Adamawa region

At least 20 persons have been killed in a road accident that occured in Touboro, Mayo-Rey division in the North region, sources have confirmed.

Sources say the accident that happened along Ngaoundere and Moundou on Tuesday 23 January, with a heavy duty truck hitting a bus belonging to the Touristique travel agency.

Below is a list of persons who died in the accident.

– Saliou
– Daza Stephane (custom officer)
– Alah Abra Patric
– Talaya Joseph
– Adam Ali
– Adamou Gouroudja (
– Nana Souleymanou (bus driver)
– Oussoumarou Bouba
– Sadjo Djoswa
– Abiba Marthe
– Mekila Valentine Nikese (Chadian)
– Daouda Maloum
– Maimounatou Hamadou Kanavi
– Mbeimi Clementine
– Ngamazinguele Martin
– Souleymanou Ibrahima (Conductor of the heavy duty truck)
– Seven children



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