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Cameroon : At least five ‘prisoners’ sentenced for Kondengui riots

At least five persons have been sentenced by the Magistrate’s Court in Ekounou, Yaounde for their role in the protests at the Kondengui prison last month.

The five acccused were slammed a three-year sentence each by the judge on Wednesday August 28 as their lawyers protest against the sentence.

The five ; Mutagha Sylvanus, Yemga Serge Thomas, Wafo Jasmin, Chatchua Christophe and Siewe Wilfried, all supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement are the first persons to be sentenced in connection to the Kondengui prison riots of July 22.

The hearing of other suspects, including some Anglophone detainees will continue in the days ahead. Last week, Mancho Bibixy and some other Anglophone detainees appeared in court for the first time to answer charges brought before them in connection to the prison riots.

The are accused of destruction of property, looting and attempt to esacape from jail.

Published on 10.02.2021

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