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Cameroon: At least three die in Yaounde building collapse

Rescue units and residents trying to retrieve trapped persons from the shammbles caused by the building collapse at Chapelle Obili-Yaounde (c) copyright

At least three persons reported dead and many others wounded were reportedly retrieved from the shambles of a storey building that collapsed Thursday at the Obili neighbourhood in Cameroon’s political capital Yaounde.

According to reports, the four storey-building collapsed at about 8am Thursday April 9 at the Montee Chapelle Obili neighbourhood in Yaounde.

Sources in the neighbourhood say when the incident occurred, rescue units were immediately alerted.

Upon arrival, they managed to pull out a number of victims, some of whom had already given up the ghost.

The building collapse is said to have claimed four victims and seriously injured many others amongst whom kids.

According to local authorities, the building was constructed in total disrespect of construction norms.

This incident adds to the many similar ones which keep occurring in our main cities, and most of the time, the cause of the collapse is always attributed to either poor construction norms.

Published on 28.04.2020

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