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Cameroon: Atanga Nji tasks Governors to beef up fight against high crime wave

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The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji has asked Governors of the ten regions of the country to pay special attention to high crime wave which has become the order of the day in most popular towns.

Minister Paul Atanga was speaking Monday June 14 at the opening ceremony of the first bi-annual conference of Governors which focused on evaluating the security situation of Cameroon for the past six months.

The Territorial and Administration boss noted that cyber criminality, armed robbery, break ins in homes and taxis, hostage taking with demand of ransom, the regular seizure of women’s handbags to name but these have gradually but surely become the order of the day in most regions.

He cited the phenomenon of the “microbes” a group of armed young men who have been terrorising citizens in the economic capital Douala for months now.

In the two English speaking regions hit by the Anglophone crisis, separatist fighters have now resorted to explosives, targeting the military and in the course of this posing a threat to the lives of the innocent civilian population.

For Minister Paul Atanga Nji, it is imperative for Governors who among their prerogatives are charged with ensuring peace and order and protecting people and their property in their area of commands to address the situation properly.

That notwithstanding the above cited challenges, Minister Paul Atanga Nji expressed satisfaction with the global level of security nationwide which according to him is under control.

Between today and tomorrow, the Governors will strategize on ways of beefing up the security situation in the country and the conclusions will be forwarded to the Head of State, convener of the gathering.


Published on 10.02.2021

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